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watching them. knew. romney has nibbled on the key is to mold them into a tinkering in the fourth division says it will follow the orders of local authorities the number of troops to switch sides to form with six thousand plus it'll only be created the crisis in ukraine and how they did it. russia's foreign minister response to threats of isolation and sanctions the country's policies on crime. accusing some in the west of escalating the crisis in the first place the country's riches of the gods of having controlled it to become an economic powerhouse regions kiev keen to stamp out the work that
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has been sweeping across the southeast. that is not good intention was that bad consequences. western military convoys to syria are reportedly being used by one of the european jihadists to join the fight scene in the war torn country the human spirit this is all you can do with the twenty four hours a day. didn't our ukraine and force division has pledged allegiance to the crimean people eight hundred personnel in almost fifty warplanes and now under the c'mon political authorities. that brings the total number of troops have reportedly switch sides of the peninsula to list six thousand in just two days what is your fiscal small well this is an air force
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and be stuck here in the crimea. the more mediation that they have far forty five mig fighter jet center on eight hundred personnel numbers and all of them have now sworn allegiance to one of the cranium of sorties becoming an addition to other crimean police on the ot moreover on its own needy emergency services affordable said that they will not fulfill what the court the legal orders coming from the self appointed government support of the forties in kiev is only the poles who were in service of before the uprising happens during the assault upon the former chief commander in chief of ukraine's sydney the fleets he was supported by the new authorities the inky if after the uprising he now says that the only cole porter's will take will come from. also local authorities here in the crimea yet in his wooden shoes that are going to deny that any screws on skis really just the people of
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the economist republic of kenya and the key to secure seven still full. i swear to strictly comply with the orders of the supreme commander of crimea on the condors minute units approved by him as well as with requirements and regulations. i swear to only perform my duty to take a liking to the residence of kenya and associates said the spill. meanwhile it seems support to within the nosy alston your stories in kids is declining even in western parts of the country there are reports that several special force of brigades of grief use to fulfilling orders to march on the twenty eighth year on the peninsula um also feel local military bases and arsenals are now under the complete control of local authorities those servicemen who refuse to pledge allegiance to the autonomous republic of crimea of either left to the peninsula war resigns altogether now nearly all of the strategic facilities like airports and government buildings even the streets of cities are patrolled by self defense squads. i am so basically local authorities are currently building their own independent defence
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ministry and the needy while ikea has been drafting have reserve servicemen. i choose to abort forster of the people there knew it she forces but so far only around one point five percent off these reserves don't know. an anti government sentiment is swimming in the east of the country thousands of rotting against ukraine's interim authorities in the cities of them gets the best of the protest is taking control of local administration buildings in both cities. these are the cutest risky is in ca called the biggest city in the east of the country. well we have reports that several hundred men in on the violently seized with the heat of the local administration building in a sea of vignettes the huge industrial center in the east of the countries in all these activists have the local administration under control and a dumont that the governor which was appointed in the air during the weekend of ikea for one of the oligarchs of the east of ukraine mr donald duck. it did for him to the side and a new government to be appointed so now they're
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controlling the administration building and according to unconfirmed reports by local council of the net has bolted still hold a referendum on the fate of the whole regional combos which is being on the east of ukraine. also we know that in the port city of odessa in the south of ukraine at least two thousand people are now protesting against their sleeves to listen while they are among the dumont says the new goblin as well be complete if reform of the judicial system as well as something new with a tomato that today that's not the so called rights act to the ipod line nationalists for all the protests in kiev to be bad the situation now in height of the biggest in the study craig is a calm but some forty eight hours that go with playdough witness to a huge disturbance at the central square when a pro western activists clashed with the so called euro my gun activists who were the sort of controlling the local administration that i'd tell you more about that in my report. just when the self proclaimed his and
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he thought they had control of the country. thousands took to the streets of some of the largest cities including kite go on saturday and living to be governed by the new authorities in the capital. like i want my kids to live in peace but will i do need a ukrainian and russian. yes the least likely of all i can do wish to and attacking other guys and molotov cocktails and fireworks. some have had their hands blown off the court announced that the housing because they failed to throw their green leafy our sons. we don't want such a country we want our country to be peaceful be used to work and pay taxes to the state. what started as a peaceful rally turned violent when pro russian activists cost with no was linked to the authorities in kenya with tear gas report abuse as well as books in stakes more than a hundred were injured as protesters managed to gain control of the administration building
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and even replace the ukrainian flag with the russian one. before saturday the administration of the hunter region building was protected by the so called self defense. off mike down now it is secured by the police forces and is still great deal of uncertainty as to who actually holds the power here other cities in the east and southeast adjusted against the typical logan's also showed their distrust of the new government with clear goals to hold a referendum on the region's faith which probably means separation from his rule. the un for pension reform the election of the government judicial reform the election of judges soulful gotten with justice really means. in case no claims or ignored them must be local referendums according to the internationally recognized want to self determination. jealousy. well what in the sticks out in the crimea. there are millions of ethnic russians
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designs. those canadians russian speaking ukrainian us resides. the trade credits the russian heritage and the people working here window cleaning the shelves and they made it very clear from day one. they have an extremely hostile cheats who trust me that's enough. to quote those who made their feelings the rush and a good rule in our interactions be an official language in ukraine they haven't done anything to stop the destruction of russian monuments. they made their voice heard. protesters against his new political establishment left the square is off this season but said unless they're listening to that someday they might start taking decisions into their own hands. its diverse as the art scene. reporting from the ukraine it is for ministers responded strongly to criticism of most goods policies on ukraine he was speaking about the crisis at the un human rights council in geneva. visiting
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the benefit of the school therefore i have come down hard on critics of russia's actions particularly reminding the western leaders about the fact that they have supported the opposition in ukraine during the days of protests at the end of last year and beginning of this year and thereby essence of the contributing to the crisis in ukraine because their support for the opposition. essentially gave way to the radical extremists who have permeated all branches off the current balance of the korean government in ukraine thereby contributing to mayhem that is happening in the country at the moment. here's more from us and foreign minister let's go to church because the bases july concert with the situation aggressively the threats in the swiss sanctions and boycotts of a same lesson on as a ballast them repeatedly and insistently in college the political power was the workplace of them to afford an ultimatum into refused on milk to ignore the concerns of the south and east of ukraine and ultimately to penalize ukrainian society. we are calling on everyone to
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replace the situation responsibly. but this auntie a political calculations and making tracks of the ukrainian people. the top priority. this is the opportunity to remind the western officials about the agreement was signed between the ukrainian president and the opposition leader's on every twenty first laid eyes on the west different. foreign ministers and being around her so that's exciting. however none of the points of the view we have been fulfilled by the opposition and yet we haven't heard a single word of criticism from the west also to eleven has reminded that the potential military action which addresses upper house of parliament has voted for on saturday is actually directed towards saving the lives of russian nationals who could be in danger he ukraine and it is important to remember that that new direction could only be undertaken if the president decides to do so. however he has instead
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the last seen the end of criticism towards russia starting with threats to cut off all ties and ending with potential sanctions against moscow. russia's defense ministry's denied reports that its black sea fleet is presented an ultimatum to ukrainian troops stationed in crime and ordering them to surrender by early tuesday morning while reports of alice mason came from key at the woodville confirmed by any concrete sources russia's foreign ministry only issued a statement insisting the black sea fleet is not interfering in ukraine is in total offense. despite having no means a decision yet on whether to send troops to crimea. most are scum of the fluff from western leaders washington pulled no punches as for the moment maybe korea russia is facing political and economic isolation. george has drawn becca says the us is not on the position to tell mr what to do that. given that washington's support for the revolution. i actually expected a booming voice to come on again and say
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the empire has spoken president to whom in all other political leaders within earshot biology enuf let them do as instructed on on the ukrainian for president obama to say it would be a profile and interference in ukraine's internal affairs for russia to know anything in the crimea is so hypocritical when you think that the united states and the eu leaders to lead germany had interfered over and over and over again into the internal affairs of the ukraine just because the west by using semi fascist and fascist forces in kiev to overthrow the elected government is now not does not now give the west the right to tell dr show that they have no rights in the crimea when by force of law which the treaty as the russians clearly have our rights and responsibilities in the crimea. especially since it was their naval base now it shows that the laws on the side of russia right now. international law. was this face and repeatedly backed the self appointed
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medicine can to ousted president yanukovich the matter of yesterday capital town and has voiced its concerns over the legitimacy of the ukraine government as it was brought upon by radical groups. he believes this cardi in charge of the country incapable of assaulting the sun resulting this crisis or any other issue of state. these foreign affairs council to hold the same opinion this happens man. it's corny on europe to help the self appointed government in kiev and joined in the denunciation of russia's actions will test the city has more first the aim of the a meeting today at the foreign ministers difficult to find common ground that one position in the engaging or dealing in responding to process it is a statement that they had agreed upon that strongly condemned the eco here are a violation of ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity. i watched as an act of aggression on the second russia broke international obligations and they called on russia to withdraw and said the two week that the troops back into
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the backs and threats and potential sanctions that basically such as this is the target suspected of my last full agreement. possibly a decent ago stations which have been going on since two thousand but no actual scientists today but the possibility they say if the escalation doesn't happen in the crimea. now before falling into this meeting today there was my expectation that the eu said in response action would not reduce my new tape appeared to what the new website said over the weekend he had the american as secretary of state john kerry having said that sad. russian president putin might find itself with a frozen. but as it faces said washington was also encouraging and threatening the teaching out of russia from the g eight to the underworld and economy said this is an idea to germinate and how good it comes to the german foreign minister had said that the tv platform is actually i've been away for the west be speaking directly with russia the question what is actually good idea to get rid
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of the spot them all together this kind of measured if you will. analysis of what's going on is also reflected even in some of the german press that analysis media analysis here in germany and also the belgian foreign minister had also want to get sadie hawkins actions against russia but that is one happy be it the other kept the lights of the swedish foreign minister or it goes from an excess soviet satellites wanted court for sentencing today was actually trying to fight the eu common ground elegance of russia's reaction to this add to this accusation of aggression the foreign minister said he saw the accused was acquitted it's like geo political calculations the upgrade has good access to the proposed meeting with the foreign policy chief catherine ashton on tuesday and said the eu has called for an extraordinary eu council meeting on thursday this week the city regarding newspaper columnist jones deals that
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don't carry should not aim is criticism and most cut off at the extremists who took power in kenya. they're getting themselves out on a limb by making these area that is threatening noises about expanding roster from the g eight sanctions and financial penalties and so on and maiming people who weren't allowed to travel to the rest of me. you know are the rosters and caught the twelve ha has blessed me tips to help with is finding solution to the rain in uk issue. the only serious civil war we need russia. so to try and get in and shopped enough outfits just to upset its main international relations the differences between countries. he joined the boycott them into the show got some tiny country you can just push into the cone forget about them apples. it's awesome that day or so ago saying that to the new authority should be very careful not to dwell too much strength to the right wing forces the circle drive sector. i'm
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fortunate in that one of the people least one other driving practices now the defense and national security a minister in a new government syrup. it's not encouraging the end of the dice with kerry should be talking about not just the criticizing the study should be criticizing the dvd the extremists in the kiev the new government for more on the tense situation in ukraine in balinese point system and this is all the international line on.
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news the eye. the two language. news programs and documentaries in arabic. its goal hero of tea. we'll talk the leap into the intriguing story. are you here. loyalty card for no more visit our big old auntie don't call the new. several russian cities on the border with ukraine have seen massive rallies in support of the russian speaking population living mixed all around twenty thousand people took to the streets in
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the show solidarity against the radical groups they believe there's a risk to the population of ukraine the crowds emphasize the cocoa and historical ties between the nations and some are urging the authorities to open eyes really fun the health centers across the border. protests against the authorities in ukraine spread across the southeast in a country kid has asked for help from some of the people in the crowds on my kids into bed at square one rarely gets to the country's own accounts to be appointed governor in restive but economically powerful regions. it's part of his campaign to replace officials. it doesn't cost a lofty speech or that takes a closer look at them and given how the oligarchs who helped to finance the few against the dna code which is governments coming in kampala to with those that being appointed governors in the all important industrial heartlands old eastern ukraine the unit patrols we see me you gotten the most key takeover is the covenant bed now he's the third
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richest man in the country with around two point four billion dollars. the head of ukraine's major commercial bank in two thousand and three he made the news himself. the series investigates it about threats made against the light pole but a lowly about malia as a nation the wallace and shells and seriously wounded a cough that the investigation into mystical the most you will draw will sway even gone yet switching said the title to take over is the covenant that he's one of the top ten richest in the country with around two billion. he made that money owed to the eye and in steel business the set of familiar face around the interim government and that's what they're looking for really. they want people loyal to their goal is to know one thing people that helped to finance the two told to get rewards for helping to just ask elsewhere we have a new interior minister a ba in kiev the troll going to austin about golf. now he takes over
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is the interior minister not worth this much is due to govern is financially only around four hundred million dollars that what is interesting about him is that in twenty twelve he appears on page one of the two poles of most wanted list in connection with a land deal that charges were eventually dropped. how about the giving of these roles to some of the richest in the country and some of ukraine's most powerful oligarchs isn't going to sit well with the people to take out onto the streets of independence square where they wanted to overthrow the government they wanted to make you that they could get reads all the use of the oligarchs and it seems that these oligarchs now finding themselves caught in a quite important positions of power. we've given these updates and analysis in ukraine when the bikini them adult teeth o'connell said that avoiding me she said despite believe telstra orthodox in israel time turnout in their thousands to denounce government plans and their exemption from that
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region. so sigh of relief for america's green movement is also the least environmentally questionable oil and gas drilling techniques to them about a lot. eco boys are reportedly being used as trojan horses for one of the european is heading for syria is believed thousands of young muslims are coming to the war zone and they using humanitarian missions to help them get that filled the center for fine now. it is destined to aid distribution. ahead of them roughly a three thousand mile charity. it will take them across europe and into the heart of the country cracking under the strain as a devastating on getting complex. we live. was it they use each day. like say
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the medical supply is not just any tickets by kitty make its way to syria with the number of racist places in syria and now life in a case to be nearing four hundred dates. and with the recent revelations that the suicide bombing in an fa is thought to have been carried out by a precision air and keeping positive in a convoy. the congolese the coming under increasing scrutiny. this summer beating. the win. it is. yet still white. this was so grateful for. the wall. we
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are activists. it is. he is guilty. it's the cheese. he says he's been avoiding the use that many young men visit his defeat in the hacking update the post fight for the first eighteen months hardly read the notice until about three months ago this consensus and is concerned about the mind of people voted and across who eventually. those that survive will come back if they went to take place enough attention to all the festivity on now. in recent months there's been an increase in the counterterrorism the rats that many feel that she might be seen until today. it's pretty close the door to the ho's and bolted. this innate
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doubts about the state meet in syria. once the deed is located in the richest place is the step into that complicates the situation on the ground. mike. then again lexi. publicans way. i do. i feel about you. michael moore michael. that would be a ski we update the lake the jetty to syria with the lights on the frontline to help they desperately needs. serious questions that may take the house that stands still
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the days leading to how they turned out state to finance its arafat. in london. with more news for you with the team to come home from the meantime take on trees is here with paul scholes needs us of social breakdown team's national grid to watch them from the uk. it's getting on the ground. i. do. he is. a
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knee. cm. the challenge with vehicles are powered by electricity. and as such are environmentally friendly what's more they're easy to draw and then it's home to more people would use them for local transport. it sells entrance door to door and started ranting and expensive to twenty people since two thousand and thirteen. this week. wonder who environmentally friendly it's what the resistance. he said. it in. she says it's
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quiet and stable. easy to ride. my customers also common. it's eco friendly you see. housing corporation has begun to apply on this eco friendly light vehicle to move from one thing to another employees can drive slowly to the neo prints. what is this tuesday so we expect the state of the plants on the grounds and check any damage to buildings individuals have also started using ultra lightweight vehicles the cyst to my surprise many elderly people at a high opinion of the design it's
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late because he sit in the middle of your stupid you it's the same from left to right. and because it's compact. it's easy to know exactly where your vehicle is it with some dealers we can feel safe while they drive us on on on such tourist destinations. their lands and visitors transfer from larger vehicles. i will finally be able to more easily into a business. with that. this just use it as an institutional arrangements that is what is that it's our vehicle inspections and internets. one can envision exporting this one. it supersedes to know. when it ends. wait it's fun and easy
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knit. so on. which is supporting it tomorrow. new do. i am. cysts. i'm good to see. what a good chance to go with us coming up to this it's sucha thing in ukraine despite wednesday demonstrative until he was by ministers meet in brussels to discuss possible sanctions de juana off the pitch stories filed in pretoria the trail. later on the street smarts guilty to entering his girlfriend model the best in town

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